SCP - Containment Breach Reborn

Follow the journey of D-9341, A Class-D Personnel caught in the middle of a containment breach in the impenetrable SCP foundation. Search the facility for clues and items to assist you in escaping the unpredictable deathtrap that is the SCP Foundation.

The SCP Foundation is a secret international and independent organisation dedicated to containing and understanding mysterious anomalies that have appeared around the world.

It’s 1998 and the Foundation is experiencing global tension. Due to the rise of the Chaos Insurgency who have been taking down other sites, large volumes of SCPs are being transported to Site-19 (your location), leading to increased sensitivity and workload. Suspected malicious activity within your location has prompted major caution and weariness.

You are D-9341, a prisoner used for SCP testing and experimenting, as well as maintenance. During scheduled maintenance, suspected sabotage causes a facility-wide containment breach, leading to many SCPs escaping. Many people have died and there is significant structural damage to the site. You are one of the only survivors.

Your only goal is to escape the facility alive.

Through the procedural generation of rooms, random SCP encounters, and the unique perspectives and approaches taken in different story modes, SCP - Containment Breach allows for constant replayability, giving the player a special experience every time. We understand the value in making the game as enjoyable as possible, so we have considered all of these factors thoroughly.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is this SCP - Containment Breach?
    We're trying to create an experience that feels like Containment Breach in a newer cleaner engine. The end goal is to have something everyone can consider "their Containment Breach". To this end, following the cancellation of 1.4 we have recruited some of its team members who did not want to see the game die. We are not affiliated with Undertow Games.
  • How can I support the project?
    You can support us through staying and spreading word of this project, or financially support the project through Patreon if you want to speed up development.
  • Will SCP-X do Y?
    While we're aiming to faithfully recreate a lot of elements of the original Containment Breach, a lot of things are being improved and changed. We can't promise that 100% of the functionality of SCPs will be identical.
  • 4) What engine are you using?
    Godot 4.
  • 5) Why are you using Godot?
    It's open source, light weight and easy to work with.
  • Have you considered reworking SCP-X?
    We're going over all of the content of the original game and revising it. If there's something that exists in the game, we've considered reworking it.
  • Will the original voice actors be coming back?
    We're sure trying, but a lot of them have either moved on from SCP, or are unreachable. At the moment, we have Duke returning to voice Agent Ulgrin!
  • When will it be done?
    When it's ready. We started development officially at the beginning of September, 2023.
  • Will it cost money?
    Yes, it will remain at the incredibly high price of $0 forever.
  • Can I mod it?
    We're planning Steam Workshop integration, along with a bunch of other tools to help you create your own content and mods for this game, but we're focusing on the base game first.

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