Introducing Traversion, a movement-based arcade platformer with a focus on rocket jumping, strafing, and grappling to navigate levels as efficiently as possible. Enjoy a minimalist, skill-based experience where the primary goal is to achieve faster completion times and hone your senses.

Welcome to Traversion, an arcade platformer that's all about skillful navigation. You'll engage in a journey through a series of challenging levels, and utilise rocket jumping, strafing, and grappling as your primary movement mechanics to reach the finish goal as quickly as possible. With straightforward gameplay and a focus on mastering these techniques, Traversion provides an uncomplicated yet engaging experience for gamers who love novel movement mechanics.

Rocket Jumping: Inspired by classic games like Team Fortress 2, our rocket jumping mechanic is powered by the Jolt Physics Engine. Your rocket launcher allows you to propel yourself with immense power at great speeds, allowing you to soar through levels like a breeze... Assuming you can pick up the ropes.

Strafing and Bunny Hopping: Strafing and bunny hopping may present a bit of a challenge, but they unlock a world of movement possibilities once mastered. These techniques are your keys to navigating tight corners and beating your high scores.

Grappling: While you can only grapple specific surfaces, the grappling hook remains a powerful tool for traversal. Swing through the air like an acrobat, using your trusty grappling hook to reach otherwise inaccessible areas and streamline your path through the levels, potentially finding your own unintened routes in the process?

Embark on a journey filled with momentum, precision, and diverse levels. Put your skills to the test, and see if you can set a new record.

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